From their virtual newsroom, teen journalists bring significant, interesting and humorous historic events to life with authentic news footage from the archives.
Kids will see and hear newsmakers like Albert Einstein. Franklin Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart and John Kennedy. The will see Mount Rushmore take shape, the Wright brothers fly and John Glenn blast into space; witness big advances in technology  unfold like the telephone, the airplane and  plastic as well as wacky inventions like the card table that deals for you and a machine that makes rain.
Teen Journalists Explore
Historic Events
Retro News is a fast paced magazine style show hosted by kids for kids ages 9 and up.
 “It’s top quality and fun. Its entertaining                  approach to teaching children about   history has made it one of our higher rated programs. Retro News is truly 
“a blast” for our young viewers!!!”
Brenda Rossman
Dir. of Programming
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Retro News features range from historic leaders who have shaped our world to unusual sights like edible hats and bowling elephants.
With the young reporters as guides, viewers will laugh and be inspired as they watch Retro News.
“Retro News is jam-packed fun facts about historical events, places and people!....Retro News just might be one of the most important children’s television programs available to transform the learning of history into something that’s fun for everyone!”
Ed Griffis
WLCB, Orlando Florida
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